Building Automation System

One of our most important features is not visible, but is very much felt. If people are not comfortable, it is difficult to work and productivity falls.

Environmental comfort comes from monitoring and controlling the things you don’t see, like temperature, humidity, air composition, and fresh air. Indoor environmental quality means human comfort.

The whole building is controlled by an advanced automation system. Our completely custom built automation system uses more than 240 sensors all over the building and outside, measuring temperature in over 170 places, plus humidity, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, light levels, doors, motion, system status, solar panels, and more. In turn, the system then controls air handling, heating, cooling, fresh air mixture, power management, lighting, doors, and more.

We built our first completely custom building automation system in 1984 running on a state-of-the-art Apple II Plus microcomputer, with 25 temperature sensors and 7 HVAC control circuits. We could find no available systems that offered the degree of control and programmability needed, so we built our own from the ground up.

Over the years the system has grown and been upgraded multiple times, to the point where it is today. Currently it is managed by a custom server system and a Mac based user interface, which is constantly open and monitored.

We continue to update our building automation system. In 2017, we are embarking on a project to completely upgrade the system. Using the latest innovations from the world of robotics and Internet-Of-Things advancements, the new system will use an open-source, distributed architecture.

Our rooftop HVAC units are also completely customized. They have been completely upgraded for efficiency and control, and have been fully integrated into our automation system.

We take environmental comfort seriously at Valley Office Park.