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Valley Office Park offers some truly unique features, as well as more common ones.

Heated underground parking is also available for an additional cost.

Internet Included

Internet access is essential for any business today. It is no longer a simple convenience or special service.

Electricity, heat, and running water are essential utilities included in any office lease, so why not include internet. We thought it was a good idea, and have been providing internet service to our tenants since 2002.

By providing a shared high-bandwidth fiber connection to our tenants, your costs, hassle and install time are reduced. This building-wide internet has proved valuable for startups, small businesses, and most of our tenants.

This is a commercial grade fiber optic connection with high speed both up and down. It is consistently sufficient for VoIP phones, cloud services, online applications, snappy web browsing and incremental backups. Our internet service is intended to provide common internet service, oriented to the needs of client computers. It is not intended to meet the needs of servers or web hosts.

While we strive to have a fast and reliable internet connection continuously available, we do not have a redundant, hardened, high-availability or very high bandwidth type connection. We realize that this may not suit the needs of all businesses. Some tenants choose to use their own internet connection to meet their own requirements. All the usual provider options are available.

Also note that this is just like an ISP connection. It is not hardened or secured. You will need to provide and manage your own firewall and security.

Flexible Lease Terms

Need a short-term lease? Want to plan for growth? Can’t afford a 5-year lock-in?

We understand the needs of small and growing businesses. We offer flexible lease terms to accommodate businesses in all stages.

  • Standard month-to-month lease
  • Gross rent* quoted up front
  • Internet and other amenities included

Our standard lease is month-to-month. No five-year lock-in. No early termination fees or escape clauses.

Yes, we actually have a one-page lease. It is as clear and straight forward as we could make it. We think that it is best for everyone.

There are two things available at an additional charge: heated underground parking space, and extra storage space.

* What is Gross Rent?

About Us


Valley Office Park is home to our business office as well. We are here, attentive, and available. We make Valley Office Park the kind of building we would want to be in, because we are tenants here as well.

It is also noticeable to our tenants that Valley Office Park has been well maintained and continually upgraded. From interior decoration to advanced HVAC, we regularly update all aspects of the building to keep it running well for years to come.

We are here on-site every day, whether you need information, maintenance or have concerns.

Come in and visit us in Suite 181 or call us at 952.881.9500.


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